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Minimum Wage Was Set - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 919 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2019/04/16 Category Law Essay Level High school Tags: Minimum Wage Essay Did you like this example? Minimum wage was set to keep employers from taking advantage of workers who were in desperate need of employment. Minimum wage should ideally provide enough income so the average American can make a decent living which includes providing shelter, clothing and food. Minimum wage is some times seen as what we should make to make a way of life. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Minimum Wage Was Set" essay for you Create order When minimum wage is more set to be an entry point for some young adults first entering the work force. Thats not always the case sometimes its a single mother busing tables, or a father who maybe had some bad life decisions and cant find good employment. The question to raise minimum wage so many factors stand in the way of this. With our world becoming more and more tech savvy the need for a minimum wage employ is less and less. Why have a blockbusters and pay employees to run it when we have red box the cost of operation is cut in half. With our apps when can place our own food orders and soon taking away the need to have someone service us. In major retails we are starting to see more and more of the self check outs. This is pulling away jobs and replacing a person with a robot or type of system. This can be seen as something that will take away a large amount of jobs to people. Yet can offer a career to others who might have gone to School to learn technology, or study app development to build the many apps we use. We have to see that minimum wage isnt the goal we at all cost have to try and want more. If the federal government was to raise minimum wage to 15.00 an hour how many people in high school would drop out and get a job how many people that have trades or skills to do a special job be surpassed by anyone that can clean tables or answer phones. Where I would like to see minimum wage raised Im not sure its what we need. the best way to think about it minimum wage is for minimum skills its a stepping stone in life. With the exceptions of the single mother why cant we have better government support for her better health care better daycare assists while she is going to school and working to try and provide a better way of life. with making 15.00 an house would she want to leave the small food chain shes working at would she be happy with her way of life and not want to finish college? This minimum wage set at 7.25 is 290 for a full time 40 hours employ that comes to just 15,080 a year. This income would leave a two-person household say, a single parent with one child just below the federal poverty threshold of $15,130. Thats full time if our single mother cant work that she Can only do 27 hours a week thats 195.75 a week with only 10,179 a year. Can someone really care for a child and maintain a safe living environment. I dont think minimum wage should be 15.00 an hour but I think we need to see some kind of increase just raising it to 9.80 an hour thats about 20,400 for a year of full-time work. I see we need to raise minimum wage some to help the ones in need and stay with the increase in cost of living we see rising and rising, but this again is just a stepping stone we need to keep pushing the youth of today, tomorrow, and tell them keep the goals of a career in mind we dont need to settle for just minimum wage. When you want to go to college and become a registered nurse think about this RNs make an average salary of $67,760 per year, and an average hourly wage of $32.56. Thats about 5 times more than minimum wage. cardiologist make anywhere from 335,765 to 504,349 a year this is what we need to keep in mind we get paid for what we learn what we can do. If minimum wage was to go up to $15.00 an hour would companies have a higher turn over rate? This question come to mind would the level of applicants skills decrease? With the statement I made of the youth wanting to drop out of school when things started to get hard in life knowing they can go out and get a job and live and just get by it would seem we would have less quality employment the basic math, reading, and learning would suffer. I think this would have an increase in crime maybe drug use. Its to easy to just quit and know you will be some what ok. the fear of living pay check to pay check should be enough to help keep the youth in school and to want to become a nurse or the doctor in the emergency room saving lives. Our youth has to see minimum wage as temporary and not long term I say this with the understanding of the ones out there having life issues we need to have the focus turned to the government options we have to help the ones in need that really need the helping hand to the next step in life. With all this said minimum wage needs to be raised. Does it need to be $15.00 no I dont think is does I see more of a down fall of issues and problems that come along with it from employers to employees.

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How Sexuality Affect Our Lives And Everyone Has Different...

Sexuality plays an important role in our lives and everyone has different views on sexuality because there are many factors that can influence it. I was born and raised in China, in a very traditional Asian family where sex is something that we would never discuss or even talk about at home. I not only did not have any open communication about sexuality with my parents, but also used to find myself in an embarrassed situation when I had to talk about it. As I grew up, I started learning most of the things related to this topic from somewhere else such as school and media. After I moved to the United States at the age of 14, my beliefs and attitudes toward sexuality have slowly changed. There are many factors that help shaped my perception of sexuality and become the sexual person I am today, such as parents, culture, media, peers, and personal experiences. The construction of gender identity came smoothly and naturally when I was still very small. It was mainly my parents taught me what it meant to be a boy in our society. Ever since I was a little boy, I was dressed up in colors that are more masculine and was taught about the roles that a boy should have. I started to learn that girls love pink color, have long hair and wear dresses while blue color is for boys and we have short hair and wear jeans. I became aware of my own gender identity since then. By the time I went to elementary school, I had my own room that was decorated in blue and had a full box of toys that wasShow MoreRelatedHuman Sexuality And Its Effects On Children And Young People Understand1309 Words   |  6 PagesMuch has been made of the role of human sexuality, yet little has been said about the importance of learning about human sexuality. Sex has been the same since time began, and we cannot continue to ignore the reality of what children are being exposed to. Being educated about these topics, being educated, in general is important to me. Education is what will help this world with inequalities, and so many other problems. Human sexuality has become one of the topics that have caught my attention becauseRead MoreHow Heteronormativity And Media Stereotypes On Queer People Express Their Sexualities1655 Words   |  7 PagesRunning head: HOW HETERONORMATIVITY AND MEDIA STEREOTYPES IN SOCIETY INFLUENCES HOW QUEER PEOPLE EXPRESS THEIR SEXUALITIES How heteronormativity and media stereotypes influences how queer people express their sexualities Vanessa Gomes Ryerson University â€Å"Who is the man in the relationship?† â€Å"Who tops or bottoms?† These questions have become a fundamental part in queer people’s lives. Why do non queer people need for queer people and their relationships to imitate heternormativeRead MoreThe Birth Control Pill And The Sexual Revolution884 Words   |  4 Pagessociety that would affect the perspectives of future generations by turning our weaknesses into strengths. During this time, the United States encountered many movements and opportunities due to the birth control pill and the Sexual Revolution. It was a great shift in the society because it opened doors for minorities and created an equal treatment men and women. The birth control pill and the subsequent Sexual Revolution made an impact on American’s behaviors and views about sexuality by giving womenRead MoreThe Kinsey Scale1277 Words   |  6 PagesHuman Sexuality 21 Professor Lanoix December 4, 2012 Pros and Cons of the Kinsey’s Scale ​Sex was such a horrible topic to talk about, but a biologist of Indiana University introduced a scale that broke the silence. The silence changed due to this biologist named Alfred C. Kinsey (1894-1956). Kinsey broke the silence because before the scale everyone would keep their sexual orientation to themselves and most likely did not tell anyone. In other words, he was a great influence to people becauseRead MoreGender, Gender And Sexuality Essay1295 Words   |  6 PagesGender and Sexuality Gender and sexuality are problematically understood and represented in Australian classrooms because of the presence of gender bias and the marginalisation of sexually diverse students, which reflects the patriarchal society that we live in. It is important to acknowledge that issues related to gender and sexuality are not just issues for older children and teenagers. They are just as applicable to young children who are at a very impressionable and susceptible stage of theirRead MoreChildren And Women With Disabilities : An Umbrella Term, Covering Impairments, And Participation Restrictions983 Words   |  4 Pages California State University, Long Beach Sexuality in the Disabled Kam Sing Kwok HSC 425 Marty Axelson 14 April, 2016 Introduction: Disabilities is an umbrella term, covering impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions. An impairment is a problem in body function or structure; an activity limitation is a difficulty encountered by an individual in executing a task or action; while a participation restriction is a problem experienced by an individual in involvementRead MoreAnalysis Of The Article Are You Sexually, And Does That Matter?1109 Words   |  5 Pagesclass, Professor Popillion asked us our definition of a virgin and as a class we have different views on what we classified as a virgin. This is exactly what is going on with the definition of normal. I didn’t realize how much of a problem this was until reading this article because it affects us starting at childhood all the way into adulthood and beyond. Society makes us believe that we will be frowned upon for being sexual and having sexual thoughts all of our lives. Dr. Klein mentioned â€Å"as childrenRead MorePopular Cul ture Affect Gender and Sexuality1388 Words   |  6 Pagesattributes, roles, beliefs and attitudes of human. On the other hand, sexuality can be referred into two traits. First is Biological; second is Physiological. Biological trait is about the difference of sex organs, the production of estrogen or testosterone. Physiological trait is about the difference of facial features, size of bones, shoulders, muscles, fatty issues. According to American Psychological Association, gender and sexuality impacts and is impacted by cultural, political, legal, and philosophicalRead MorePsy Final1689 Words   |  7 PagesFinal Project Personal Response on Sexuality Identity Review the instructions for the final project in Appendix A. Construct a 1,400- to 1,750-word personal response, analyzing the development of your own sexuality. Address the following topics in your paper: †¢ Relate value systems and critical thinking to your sexual decision making before and after this course. I think that before I had started this class I really didn’t think of the different types of sexual identities and honestlyRead MoreThe Movie I Had Was Released By Disney1618 Words   |  7 Pagesrestaurant, he witnesses the new garbage boy Linguini trying to fix the soup he has spilled. Remy goes running by the soup to escape out of the restaurant, but the terrible smell stops him. Remy is determined to fix the soup, when he is caught by Linguini. The customers at the restaurant end up loving the soup and everyone thinks Linguini made it. Linguini then saves Remy by taking him home, in return, Remy teaches Linguini how to cook by living under his chef hat. The first scene that fully exposed

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Raising Bilingual Child Free Essays

Some would argue that being a parent or a child existing in a bilingual environment may be only of an invaluable merit. This is true, with the assumption that both parties have similar expectations or do not have any that would conflict them and there is no the outside or a so called family pressure. Let us dwell to some extent on the merits. We will write a custom essay sample on Raising Bilingual Child or any similar topic only for you Order Now To begin with, the unquestionable advantage children would experience is the exposure to double language environment. If the learning process is not impacted by any negative factors, the language acquisition comes naturally and bilingualism is found as if the person were always a native speaker belonging to both speaking communities. The language command is easy and does not strain the speaker. A child has contact with two cultures represented by two languages and is exposed to sometimes two various communities differing in race, beliefs, religion, creed, values and geographical location. Secondly, bilingual children are more open to changing environments and have better learning abilities. Their intelligence may be of a higher level but not in a sense of the possessed IQ. Bilingual children are more creative and have learning flexibility. They are characterized by a better sense of the language as well as greater accuracy in choosing language vocabulary and structures for expressing themselves. Children who enjoy a multilingual education can transfer knowledge of one language to another, which allows for deeper comprehension. On the other hand, the most easily overlooked drawback to taking multilingual path is that it requires more effort on the part of the parents. Raising a bilingual child is a commitment, long-term investment in a child. It will demand extra effort on parent’s part to provide enough language exposure, extra encouragement, keeping language rules consistent, and if it possible find the best multilingual school or after school supplementary education program for a child. In addition, there comes a question what language is the basis for the thinking process. The exposure and learning of two languages simultaneously demands an extra brain and emotional effort as a child needs to find himself in two language ruled worlds and to find his/her way through. There might be some conflicts or creation of emotional barriers to acquire and use more sophisticated language structures in both languages at the same time. Taking everything into account, raising a bilingual child in a monolingual country can be challenging, however, learning an extra language is easier during childhood when the human brain is absorbing everything like a sponge. Arming a child with more than one language can lead to more job opportunities, as well as the ability to connect to more people, both socially and professionally. How to cite Raising Bilingual Child, Papers

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Professional Numeracy Business Ethics

Question: Discuss about theProfessional Numeracyfor Business Ethics. Answer: Introduction to the Topic Business Ethics is the form of professional ethics or applied ethics that can examine the ethical or moral issues as well as the ethical principles that arise in the environment of a business. It is also referred to the sets of values or the contemporary standards or the sets of values, which govern the behavior and the action of an individual in the organizations. The moral principles as well as values or norms can guide the way through which a business behaves. Topic Alignment with Curriculum Document Business Ethics is a very important topic in Humanity and Social Science. This is simply because that the Business ethics has the social implications or it has an influence on the society. Business Ethics effectively deals with both of the business as well as the social norms and values. Thus, in case of studying the Humanity and social science, Business Ethics should be incorporated in the study of Humanity and Social Science and aligned with the curriculum documents. Mathematics Involvement There are few significant models, which can portray the basic involvement of the mathematics in Business Ethics. These are the Berles model, Dodds model and the GermanJapanese model. Globalization has implemented the entire societies accountable as well as interdependent for the political, social and environmental challenges that threaten for undermining the shared future of people. Berles model is the shareholder-centred model of fiduciary duties. On the other hand, in the Dodds model, directors of the company are guardians of all the interests, which the corporation affects and not merely servants of its absentee owners. Apart from that, in case of the GermanJapanese model, the companies focus on the rights and interests of employees as well as this model also considers the fact that the employees are first among stakeholders Relevant Economic Concepts There are also few significant as well as convenient economic concepts in association with the mathematical involvement in the Business Ethics topic. These economic concepts are agency costs, incomplete contracting, asymmetric information as well as moral hazards navigation. The term agency costs refers to the inevitable costs incurred by a company in using an agent (who may use company resources to their own benefit) to act on behalf of the principal. Incomplete contracting is referred to the gaps within the contractual arrangement made in formal manner and to the entire relationship facets that make it work smoothly or work at all. The US economist Joseph Stiglitz coined the term asymmetric information syndrome. Stiglitz is referred to the differences in information between, say, the worker and his employer, the lender and the borrower, the insurance company and the insured. The moral hazard was utilized originally in the context of insurance to refer to the peoples tendency with i nsurance cover for paradoxically reducing the attention as well as care they take for avoiding or reducing insured losses. Teaching and Learning Activities There is few teaching as well as learning activities those necessary for gaining all the skills and knowledge regarding a particular subject. These are as follows: How to implement big gains in the student learning of the teachers To help the students for accepting that there is more than one correct answer Learning enhancement Planning for the lectures Enhancing the understanding of the students Making more meaningful the lectures as the learning experiences To help the students for understanding the difficult concept To encourage the students for reading as well as coming by being prepared for the class To help students to master the study as well as the content on Business Ethics Part 2 Examples from The Tiger That Isn't This particular book has provided the proper example of how numbers can be misinterpreted or misused with the evidence clearly explained as well as deconstructed in such a manner which is easy to understood. More difficult concepts are tackled as each chapter develops, in a manner that can be accessed even to those to whom Mathematics is a "cobwebbed mystery". This book has also provided the examples of real life for the direct utilization in the classroom. The Journalists would be advised to read it closely and Mathematics or Statistics teachers will find a wealth of reallife examples for direct use in the classroom. This book has also depicted a view that mathematics is not simply a subject of academic value and that it is indeed not to difficult for us all to have a go at. The Tiger that isn't has shown that a little Mathematics goes a long way towards seeing through the web of numbers and percentages we see around us towards the real facts of the story. Influence of the Examples These examples have simply tried to make Mathematics interesting to the learners as most of them scare to solve problem sums. With the help of the knowledge portrayed in this book, it can easily be understood that Mathematics is also very easily to learn by the learners. On the other hand, this book has also portrayed that a little Mathematics can go a long way towards seeing through the percentages as well as the web of numbers around the learners to the real facts of this particular story. On the other hand, with the help of the concept built in this book, it can also be understood that the mathematics has its huge implication as well as influences over several other subjects. This book has also established the view that Mathematics is simply not an academic values subject as well as it is not indeed too hard for the learners all to have a go at. The authors are capable enough at turning tough issues around as well as permitting learners for understanding them. The book is not only for mathematicians, but for everyone who generally watches the news or read the newspaper. The advice can be given to the journalists for closely reading it as well as mathematics or stats teachers would find a wealth of real life examples for direct utilization in the classroom. Reference List Alderman, M. K. (2013).Motivation for achievement: Possibilities for teaching and learning. Routledge. Beetham, H., Sharpe, R. (2013).Rethinking pedagogy for a digital age: Designing for 21st century learning. routledge. Blastland, M., Dilnot, A. W. (2008).The tiger that isn't: seeing through a world of numbers. Profile Books. DesJardins, J. R., McCall, J. J. (2014).Contemporary issues in business ethics. Cengage Learning. eon Rossouw, D., Van Vuuren, L. (2010).Business ethics. Oxford University Press, 2010. Ferrell, O. C., Fraedrich, J. (2015).Business ethics: Ethical decision making cases. Nelson Education. Hoffman, W. M., Frederick, R. E., Schwartz, M. S. (Eds.). (2014).Business ethics: Readings and cases in corporate morality. John Wiley Sons. Kang, D. (2013). Paper Tiger: Why isnt the rest of Asia afraid of China.Foreign Policy. April,25. Lea, M. R., Nicoll, K. (2013).Distributed learning: Social and cultural approaches to practice. Routledge. Manninen, J. and Tuomela, R. eds., 2012.Essays on explanation and understanding: studies in the foundations of humanities and social sciences(Vol. 72). Springer Science Business Media. Okabe, A. (Ed.). (2016).GIS-based Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences. CRC Press. Weiss, J. W. (2014).Business ethics: A stakeholder and issues management approach. Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Williford, C., Henry, C. J., Friedlander, A. (2012).One culture: Computationally intensive research in the humanities and social sciences: A report on the experiences of first respondents to the digging into data challenge. Council on Library and Information Resources. Yow, V. R. (2014).Recording oral history: A guide for the humanities and social sciences. Rowman Littlefield.

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Business Model free essay sample

usiness model canvas for Hamp;M Enabling promises Making promises Keeping promises Question â„â€"2 From the figure above we can see that the Organization makes promises to their customers. As well as organization does it, it also enables promises to Service Provider. And finally Service provider has to keep that promises to customers. Applying to Hamp;M. Hamp;M as an organization makes promises to their customers to deliver fashionable clothes with good quality at reasonable price. Their 750 suppliers situated worldwide especially in Asia have to enable promises of Hamp;M by manufacturing clothes designed by Hamp;M designers and pattern makers. They have to produce at high level monitoring all the processes of production. And finally suppliers have to keep promises made by Hamp;M to their customers by producing goods with appropriate quality and in time required. Question â„â€"3. We will write a custom essay sample on Business Model or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Hamp;M is world known retail brand. The main three key success factors are formulated in company`s business concept  «Fashion and quality at the best price†. They provide good style and design for their clothes. At the same time for ensuring good quality of their products they provide a complete process of testing and controlling the quality. The price of their products is lower in comparison with the price of toughest competitors. ‘We ensure the best price,’ they say, ‘by having few middlemen, buying large volumes, having extensive experience of the clothing industry, having a great knowledge of which goods should be bought from which markets, having efficient distribution systems and being cost-conscious at every stage. They have wide range of concepts for each customer segment: children, teen, men and women. The other reason why Hamp;M is successful is that they have approximately 2300 shops in 41 markets. They have shops worldwide in big and small cities in good locations. This factor and their strong marketing policy make them recognizable all over the world, so almost everyone knows about Hamp;M. Hamp;M is represe nted in all social networks and they regularly have advertisements in fashion magazines, billboards, World Wide Web. Hamp;M is also known as a fast fashion retailer, which establishes exciting collaborations with famous designers from high fashion industry, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Viktor amp; Rolf, Roberto Cavalli, Comme des Garcons, Matthew Williamson, Jimmy Choo, Sonia Rykiel, Lanvin and Versace. All this factors are guarantying them many satisfied customers, strong performance and basement for future development of their company. Question â„â€"4. The market which Hamp;M operates in is very competitive. Their biggest competitors are Zara, Benetton, Top shop and Peacocks. This market is so-called Fast Fashion. Fast fashion  is a term used to describe clothing collections which are based on the most recent fashion trends presented at  Fashion Week  in both the spring and the autumn of every year. These trends are designed and manufactured quickly and cheaply to allow the mainstream consumer to take advantage of current clothing styles at a lower price. Fast fashion is considered to be a supermarket segment within the larger sense of the fashion market. This term refers to fast fashions nature to race to make apparel an even smarter and quicker cash generator. Three crucial factors exist within fast fashion consumption: market timing, cost, and the buying cycle. Hamp;M`s segment is inexpensive clothes and main customers are middle class people. Even though they are in this segment they sometimes they provide high fashion closing at prices lower than usual. It happens after collaboration with high fashion designers. .

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The Woman in black The Fortune theatre Essay Example

The Woman in black The Fortune theatre Essay Example The Woman in black The Fortune theatre Paper The Woman in black The Fortune theatre Paper Essay Topic: Black Boy Woman On the Edge Of Time This is a ghost play by Stephen Mallatratt. The play sees the elderly Arthur Kipps, played by Pip Donaghy, attempt to exorcise the ghosts of his past by having a young actor, Colin Hurley, portray his experiences on the stage of a currently empty theatre. The set and lighting that was used during the play was very basic, this was done purposely because the lay is set in an empty theatre, which is still tidying up after a past production. The main items used during the play were visible from the outset. There was a large wicker basket, a stool, two wooden chairs and a clothes wrack. Seeing as these items had to be used to portray most items and settings, the lighting would have to be used cleverly, and it was. It enhanced the simple set and added to the illusion of place and created an atmosphere. The lighting and sound in the following places was; London office- A low and dull light with sound =s of horse and carriages trotting past outside. A ticking clock was cleverly used to create an office feeling. Tomes had his room down stage right in this scene. Kipps Young Kipps Tomes room Train-Different chairs were used to give us an idea of the three trains comfort. A big comfortable chair and warm lighting was used in London to show optimism, where the wicker basket and cold lighting were used on the final train to create an ominous feeling, this train was ancient and comfortless. A clever piece of lighting was also used in this scene. It was a revolving gobo to create the look of the train going through a tunnel. Tannoy announcements between trains to create atmosphere. Hotel- Busy bar sound effect, which went quiet with the mentioning of Alice Drablows name. Church- A laundry basket was the alter and it was positioned upstage centre. Footsteps of coffin bearers are heard as well as a vicars voice as he gives the funeral sermon. A gobo of a cross is projected upstage centre where it is thrown onto gauze. In the Churchyard a leaf gobo is projected onto the floor to represent the outdoors, sounds of crows are heard which is unpleasant and gives an anonymous feeling, vicars voice is still heard as coffin goes into ground, vicars last words, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Outside eel marsh house- A gobo of the house has been projected onto the first gauze. The gobo represents an unwelcoming, doted mansion (this gobo is shown every time a scene is set outside eel marsh house) he is quoted as saying A tall gaunt house. Inside eel marsh house- A musty yellow lighting, the sound effects are the door slamming every time Kipps enters, whilst Kipps is looking through the house a grandfather clock is heard ticking, this creates suspension. One of the best scenes for visual acting was scene 7. this was the horse and trap scene. It was good because even though all the actors had to work with was an old wicker basket, they managed to create the image of two people riding in a carriage. They did this by bobbing up and down and swaying from side to side. They also shouted things like giddy up and made a whipping action towards the horse. Everything they did was supported by sound effects. The lighting in all scenes was good as it created the places and made us feel as if we were actually there. These were; the gobo of Eel Marsh House, a tall dark and eerie building that created a feeling of discomfort. And a cross (crucifix) to represent the inside of the church, along with a leaf to represent the outside. The set behind the two gauzes was brilliantly concealed and surprised us when it came into the play. One section behind the play was used to represent two settings. The cemetery and the childs bedroom. Covering the bedroom furniture with old dustsheets that you would have found in a theatre during a production, created the cemetery. The period that child died was late 19th century and the furniture represented this. It was mahogany and very expensive. There was padding on the rocking chair, which was red to symbolise blood. The toys and clothes are neatly stored and folded for the little boy, this shows that even though he was dead, Jennet and Alice still cared for it and one of the dolls was a golliwog, which also shows period as they would probably be banned if brought put now. The Music box played Swanlake. There was an even bigger shock in act two when we saw it in disarray after Jennet had vented her anger at not being able to kill Spider, Kipps canine companion in the marshes. This again told us of Jennets deranged State of mind. Second gauze reveals arched stairway, which he walks up revealing his silhouette. This was also effective as, again, it was a surprise to see it appear. These were made to appear by the use of the lighting from above shining through the gauze. The use of the second gauze impressed me even more than the first one as when used you could not see the nursery in front of it. Both actors did brilliantly throughout the performance, here is a brief itinerary and description of the parts they played; Acting as old Kipps Pip Donaghy- He walks on very shyly with nose in script, not very confident in his own acting ability (and rightly so! ). He speaks quietly with no emotion (monotonously). We realize how boring and rubbish old Kipps is at acting when he comes back on, this time with a pair of glasses, and speaks with real confidence and moves with prowess. Old Kipps looks the actor in the eye, it must be told he says, to show his age the actor leads him upstairs hand in hand. He snorts instead of sniffs, and walks a bit kift, this is because Tomes is a comic character. Arthur old Kipps now becomes the actor young Kipps boss. Hes now well spoken and clips the end of his words, he now becomes joyous, and laughs as this character, making him seem friendly and approachable. He sits casually and blows his nose, a feat not accomplished with any other characters, he also taps his foot, another sign of happiness. In the first part of the play and he is still reading from the script, however. as mentioned earlier he now wheres glasses, and with this he learns his lines and can act. He now speaks in a well-spoken Yorkshire accent. Holding his head high (confidence) he makes eye contact with young Kipps because he is friendly and bobs up and down. As the barman he is not well spoken, and when young Kipps mentions Alice Drablow he acts shocked and moves away and acting shocked again, starts to stutter and talk slowly. Back as old Kipps and he is now going through various emotions as he watches the play progress from the wings of the stage, for instance when the actor says that he doesnt believe in ghosts he holds his head in despair of his own naivety. He acted Jerome by dropping slightly at his knees to show that he is older than Daily but not quite as old as Tomes. The woman in black killed Jeromes child and when the actor asks who the woman with the wasted face is, Jerome wont look. The actor then asks Jerome if he could find him someone to help with the paperwork at Alice Drablows house, Jerome says you will find no-one suitable shudders and walks away. As Keckwick he is non-communicative, he never looks at the actor and grunts occasionally but when the actor (young Kipps) mentions that he is going to the Drablow house he goes uhhh! In a surprised manor, he also holds the reigns differently to when he played Daily. When the actor is explaining of the death of his wife and kids he hugs himself and looks very upset. DOG They acted the dog by ;- 1- looking down at the same time to show the dog. 2- He (the actor) looked down and shouted here Spider and 3- He tilts his head away from the dogs wet tongue. Acting as The Actor Colin Hurley When we first hear Colin Hurley he has a big loud voice, which he amplifies brilliantly from the back of the theatre, when playing the part of the actor, he is also very confident in doing this. When narrating about his family telling ghost stories he spoke as an excited young child, the line he spoke was, were telling ghost stories. When he went back to being Kipps he spoke quietly and with fear, because he was remembering the woman in black, he also sounded angry and resentful of the fact that people were treating ghost stories as light entertainment, he spoke with real bitterness. When he walks onto the train he walks sideways and dodges air to make it look as if it is a crowded railway station with lots of people. On seeing the woman in black at the graveyard he acts cautiously and scared. When he walks from eel marsh house he panics and collapses in horror of the woman in black and when he realizes that the horse and trap sounds are ghosts he looks terrified with his eyes wide open, eyebrows drawn and tensed muscles. On rescuing Spider he lay flat on the floor down stage right and lent over the edge as if the pit was the marsh. He tenses his arms to show that he is struggling to tug Spider out of the deep pull of the marsh, he eventually pulls spider up and collapses on the stage. When hearing music from the jewellery box, he pauses and focuses on the door to create tension. Acting to show his toddler son Joseph, he puts hand down towards the floor and leans slightly to show hes holding Josephs hand, he took small slow childlike steps. He mimed lifting Joseph by bending down low, putting his hands child width apart and smiled as he put his happy child onto the pony and trap. Later in the same scene he describes his childs death as, crumpled on the grass dead! He pauses to show us how difficult he finds it to speak of this tragic event. He then quietly sniffs as though trying not to cry. I really enjoyed watching The Woman in Black and would recommend it to anyone. The quality of acting was superb and with limited resources in the way of props, they portrayed the obstacles brilliantly, especially the horse and trap (see earlier). The Director Robin Herford, who has directed this play for fourteen years and travelled to Tokyo to direct the Japanese adaptation, wanted the audience to experience the fear of this ghost story through their imaginations and not through the use of special effects, which can be seen far too easily on T. V today.

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The Epilepsy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Epilepsy - Essay Example Surveys that have been carried out by the healthcare agencies shows an increased cases of this neurological condition in relatives of probands with a notable 50% unaffected relatives who are asymptomatic and when diagnosed shows no sign of JME and therefore considered to be JME negative but PSW-positive. Scientific investigations and findings have established that JME estimations show a likelihood of genetic cause that is found in clustered lineage of families. It is imperative that genetic analysis is undertaken to allow for easy identification and JME disease. Identification of the primary epileptic abnormality is enabled by EEG endophenotype (PSW) and other factors may contribute to the causal relationship. Primary epileptic abnormality identification is instrumental in uncovering how the electric discharges are generated and the explanation behind the cases of clinical seizure in some patients and resistance in others. The overall aim of this study is to give a comprehensive expl anation of the occurrence of EEG endophenotype PSW with a sample of a statistically well-defined population. The population for this study constitutes the asymptomatic relatives of JME with a positive EEG-PSW of age ranging 10-40 years. This age group constitutes the old and the young so that there is an exhaustive generalization of this condition’s implications. This action will help in finding out answers to whether the first-degree relative who is EEG-PSW positive and a JME-patient can develop epilepsy over time.